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Gosawa group-buying website to launch in Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon, February 23, 20113d万能两码期期准 - Gosawa is a Beirut based website that offers exclusive daily deals to market local businesses in cities across the MENA region. They use the power of “Sawa” to benefit both buyer and seller. Businesses get pay-for-performance marketing at no risk and subscribers get to experience great things to eat, see and do in their city at heavily discounted prices...

TimeOut Beirut

Gosawa has Landed in Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon, April 18, 20113d万能两码期期准 - sjm62qo.cn has now landed in Beirut with their first online deal featured today. A Beirut based group-buying website, Gosawa offers members daily deals of 50-90% off on everything you can eat, see, buy and do in Lebanon. Gosawa has also launched a rewards scheme whereby as a member you can earn $10 for every friend you invite to join! The refer-a-friend system works...


Web Wheelers and Dealers

Beirut, Lebanon, October 1, 2012 - Across the region entrepreneurs are launching online daily deals websites, a trend that first gained traction with Groupon in the US. But the competition is on. In a tight economy, discriminating shoppers are watching their pockets for how much they spend out on the town. Disposable income, after all, only goes so far...

TimeOut Beirut

Over 1 Million USD Saved

Beirut, Lebanon, January 28, 2013 - Gosawa, Lebanon’s premier destination for great new experiences and amazing offers, today announced that it has saved members over USD 1 Million through the 38,000+ coupons it has sold since the first deal was featured in April, 2011. In celebration, a photo contest is being held with $2,500 up for grabs and the public is invited to join by...


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